Language & Learning Lab


My research interests focus on how the developing brain learns spoken and written language. Much of our research consists of cross-linguistic investigations of normal and impaired reading acquisition based on topics such as: meta-linguistic awareness (phonology; derivational morphology), orthographic coding, bilingual/second language acquisition and dialect.

My external collaborators for this work are:

Professor Séverine Casalis (SCALab, Université Lille 3)

Professor Pascale Colé (LPC, Aix-Marseille Université)


One recent application of my research has been the design of a language measure suitable for practitioner use in identifying the early communication difficulties associated with social disadvantage. This observational language measure is called eLIPS, which stands for Early Language in Preschool Settings. The project has been a partnership with Fife Council's Education and Children's Services. You can find out more about eLIPS here.


I have also co-founded a research network with Dr Sarah McGeown (Education, University of Edinburgh). The network is called LALco and brings together stakeholders iwith an interest in Language and Literacy Research. You can read about current and past projects and activities on the LALco website.

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